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Discussion on: Creating and Deploying React, Ember, and Vue Apps in Codesphere

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Ember doesn't require "substantial computing power"??, it just uses a node-based CLI. Most of the processing is babel during build. :/

Is there some other limitation?
Like, with codesandbox, ember's default setup recently surpassed the allowed storage -- but tht was mostly due to linting dependencies.
While not required, linting dependencies re essential to guide developers way from foot guns... But this means codesandbox is no longer suitable, and you need a real node environment, like what GitPod provides.. idk.. I'm rambling

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Saji Wang Author • Edited on

Hey there, thanks for the feedback!
The thing is that Codesphere's basic plan has a very small amount of CPU and RAM available and that’s why some projects may not work. Upgrading your plan to our Awake plan or Boost plan should fix the limitations.