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re: Yes. That's exactly right. You will be redirected after an action and will see a new page. So what? What does it miss in terms of the requirements...

I checked the vanilla js TodoMVC... and I don't like it. Too much code for problems solved hundreds of times. Take for example the template:

    function Template() {
        =   '<li data-id="{{id}}" class="{{completed}}">'
        +       '<div class="view">'
        +           '<input class="toggle" type="checkbox" {{checked}}>'
        +           '<label>{{title}}</label>'
        +           '<button class="destroy"></button>'
        +       '</div>'
        +   '</li>';

And then using string operations the app is replacing values:

            template = template.replace('{{id}}', data[i].id);
            template = template.replace('{{title}}', escape(data[i].title));

So much code... and the more you write the more bugs you may have... this is exactly what we all are trying to avoid - reinventing the wheel again and again.

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