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Discussion on: Which is the Best Static Site Generator and Why?

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Prasanna Natarajan

May not be the best, but I use for my site for 2 reasons:

  • The view template language is ERB. I'm a ruby dev and I'm most comfortable with erb than any other templates like liquid etc
  • It allows to setup multiple blogs for a single site easily. I have 3 in my blog now:,, (They don't have rss yet, but I'll add them soon.)

I've tried Wordpress, Jekyll, Octopress and Hugo in the past and I felt limited with all of them. (Jekyll and Hugo had too many features, Hugo was in Go which I don't know and I wasn't sure if Octopress will last.)

Nanoc isn't perfect either. It's a DIY for your blog. You have to write code for many things that are freely available in the other platforms. But it gives me the flexibility. Allows me to use erb and yield.

And I don't know why the other platforms assume people want just one blog per site. I blog about work in my tech blog, and post book reviews and kindle highlights in the book blog and post everything else in the general blog. I don't want to mix it up and I have tech friends who are never interested in my personal life and vice-versa.