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Using Gatsby Image with product images

The time has come to implement product images using Gatsby Image.

Since the beginning of the tutorial, there has been a new version of gatsby-source-chec.

Inside package.json, update the version of gatsby-source-chec to be at least 1.2.0, and run npm install.

Once installed, go ahead and install the dependencies for using Gatsby Image.

npm i -E gatsby-transformer-sharp gatsby-plugin-sharp gatsby-image
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Once installed, you will need to update the pageQuery in templates/ProductPage.js:

export const pageQuery = graphql`
  query ProductPageQuery($id: String!) {
    product: checProduct(id: { eq: $id }) {
      images {
        childImageSharp {
          fluid(maxWidth: 560) {
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Here we're calling the GatsbyImageSharpFluid fragment for our product images. The images array is an array of File's added by the updated source plugin.

Inside templates/ProductPage.js, go ahead and import the Gatsby Image component:

import Img from "gatsby-image";
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Then inside the page function, you will want to destructure the first item from the product.images array, and call this mainImage:

const [mainImage] = product.images;
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Then all that's left to do is render the <Img /> component on the page with the applicable components if it exists.

{mainImage && (
    style={{ maxWidth: "50%" }}
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Run it locally

That's it!

Now you're ready to go! Type npm run dev in your Terminal, and head to the local port to browse your Gatsby powered commerce site.

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