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1. Database & Permissions - Build a forum with Next.js and GraphQL

Jamie Barton
Husband. Dad. Full Stack Developer.
・1 min read

This year for Hacktoberfest I have decided to revisit my teenage years, and build a forum. Many years went by building communities, and building forum themes for the likes of IPB (Invision Power Board), vBulletin, XMBForum, phpBB, and many others.

I even built my own forum software with PHP, and is what pretty much got me started out at 11-12 years old.

I decided to rebuild something I built and maintained over 15 years ago, with build it with todays tools, and techniques. This includes Next.js, and GraphQL.

I'll be streaming the entire build on YouTube!

In this first video, I create the database and permissions with Hasura.

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