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Create a GraphQL server with Node.js

Jamie Barton
Husband. Dad. Full Stack Developer.
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Originally posted to Medium, but I wanted to share with community a short video series on getting started with graphql.js and Apollo Server. Most of the setup still applies today but I'd encourage you to seek more up to date examples if you're looking for a code-first approach to creating GraphQL servers like I do in this example.

I started using GraphQL in early 2017. I spent some time getting to know GraphQL on the frontend with Apollo Client by removing the need to learn how to build a backend. I used Graphcool (RIP ❤️) to get going quickly. If you don't want to build your own backend to manage or deliver content then I recommend you use GraphCMS.

I decided to share my experience in a video series demonstrating how to create a GraphQL server using Node.js to hopefully help you get started with GraphQL.

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Lars Rye Jeppesen

Love this, thanks