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Hello, World!
My name is Joel and I am an Angular developer, converting to the more popular React library!

I have done a lot of development with the Ionic Framework and I want to get better with React so I can show people how to integrate Ionic into React projects!

I would love to connect and work with other react and angular developers to explore where Ionic can take us!



I feel like a broken record saying it again, but I also went from Angular to React. It's been a great journey!



Hey thanks for the reply!
have you worked with Ionic on either?

I never did, though I toyed around with a project for a few days, an opinionated scaffolding built with Angular-CLI's schematics that included ionic and had the structure separated for mobile, web, etc. I can't remember the name.

Oh ok. I was solely using Ionic with angular for a while just because all the native style heavy lifting was taken care of

Its in beta for React now since v4 has switched the Ionic components to be written as web components instead of Angular, so all those features are here/coming soon!

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