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@ryansolid given you liked Knockout, did you have a chance to look at Aurelia.io? If so, how would you compare it to SolidJS? Thanks!


I never really spent a lot of time with Aurelia. It reminded me of Ember or Angular at first glance given how extensive its approach is. And I did spend time with Ember the early years. Aurelia has always been very cognizant of performance. It was one of the first Non-VDOM libraries to adopt similar list reconcilling techniques. It was one of the first reactive library to show it could hold its own in the post-reactive VDOM era.

Although it is one of the larger libraries from a bundling perspective. Similarly heavy on memory usage. Coming from Knockout's minimalism more built-in features were never really much of a consideration. Mechnically it shares the granularity that Solid leverages, but similarities mostly end there. I've taken a very different/minimalist approach to components.

Mostly I think a focus difference. Aurelia seeks being an all inclusive framework. Solid has been as much of a research topic as anything. Basically an extension of a theory I had for optimal rendering and DX patterns. It's only in the past year or so that I've had the opportunity to start exploring the possibility of being a framework. Solid is much leaner and rougher around the edges. And I'm not done. To accomplish where this is going Solid is going to travel light atleast for the next while.


A great write-up, thanks for taking time to put it together.

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