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I didn't see any reason to stop using ruby in my private automation tasks. Using ruby in the company productions is usually question of managers that keep in mind a lot of reasons that sometimes is not technical related.

  1. GIL does not cause any problem for python to grow up. So why should it be problem for ruby?
  2. Ruby concurrency (don't mess it with multi-threading) actually works pretty well via fibers. This approach is pretty popular in other scripting language. For instance Python has a lot of libs that implements of actor model: Pykka, Thespian. Asyncio is included in stdlib of Python 3.4 and so on.
  3. Ruby is not Rails. Yes, rails helps a lot to ruby to rise up. But now rails is big problem for ecosystem of ruby itself. In ruby community there is term "rails programmer" that much differs from ruby programmer. There is a lot of rails programmers but the knowledge of ruby outside of rails of most of them is lack pretty much.

So, It is totally your solution to stop programming in ruby. Ruby get losing its positions in competition with python, it's the fact. And I feel sick of it. I suppose it happens mostly because of marketing reason, not technical. Guido living in America has much more ability to promote python in Hi-Tech than Matz living in Japan. Plus Matz is pretty introvert guy. So...

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