Front-end productivity boost: Cypress as your main development browser

Stefano Magni on August 01, 2019

Productivity, productivity, and productivity: how you should leverage a testing tool like Cypress as your main development browser. I'm working on... [Read Full]
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This is great! I talk about it in TestingJavaScript.com and I call it "Cypress Driven Development." Great tips here!


I love your course Kent, I bought it the very first days ❤️
Anyway: thank you, I avoided that name because I was scared that some not-expert users could skip the post because they associate it to the "scary" name of TDD 😊


I really like Cypress! Thanks for the post.

To have a whole set of use case driven e2e tests with Cypress to replace server side integration tests would be a dream.

It's also future proofing: by decoupling e2e tests from your architecture means that you could potentially change it without touching the tests


Love it.
I've been looking to change my workflow recently and I think this is what I need!

Nice one!


Perfect time! 😊
Let me know what works and what does not work so I will update the post if needed 😊


This is great. I will certainly give this a shot. Seems like it could help me out a ton! Thanks for writing


Really worthwhile ideas here. I might have to take this for a spin.


Never thought about doing this before!


The simplicity you communicate in this article is what finally made me dive into testing. Writing my first UI integration tests right now ✌️


Wow, I'm proud of getting you to dive into this amazing world ❤️ let me know if you need some help or there is something unclear during your approaching process 😊

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