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Highly configurable component imitating native bottom sheet behavior, with fully native 60 FPS animations!

Built from scratch with react-native-interactable-reanimted and react-native-reanimated.

Usable with Expo with no extra native dependencies!


Open a Terminal in the project root and run:

yarn add react-native-bottomsheet-reanimated
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or if you use npm:

npm install react-native-bottomsheet-reanimated
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If you are using Expo, you are done.

If you don't use Expo, install and link react-native-gesture-handler and react-native-reanimated.


import BottomSheet from "react-native-bottomsheet-reanimated";

class Example extends React.Component {

  render() {
    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
          // backDropColor="red"
          initialPosition={"50%"}  //200, 300
          // isModal
          // containerStyle={{backgroundColor:"red"}}
          // tipStyle={{backgroundColor:"red"}}
          // headerStyle={{backgroundColor:"red"}}
          // bodyStyle={{backgroundColor:"red",flex:1}}
              <Text style={styles.text}>Header</Text>
            <View style={styles.body}>
              <Text style={styles.text}>Body</Text>
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name required default description
snapPoints yes E.g. [300, 200, 0]. Points for snapping of bottom sheet coomponent. They define distance from bottom of the screen. Might be number or percent (as string e.g. '20%') for points or percents of screen height from bottom. Note: Array values must be in descending order.
initialPosition no 0 Determines initial position point of bottom sheet. The value outside of snap points.
body no Method for rendering scrollable content of bottom sheet.
header no Method for rendering non-scrollable header of bottom sheet.
isBackDrop no false for show backdrop behind the bottom sheet.
isBackDropDismisByPress no false enable to move bottomsheet to first snappoint by pressing backdrop.
isRoundBorderWithTipHeader no false give round with tip header style to bottomsheet.
isModal no false to make bottom sheet like modal.
isAnimatedYFromParent no If true then give animated value to animatedValueY props.
animatedValueY no If isAnimatedYFromParent will be true then it will give animtedY value to animatedValueY props.
bottomSheerColor no #ffffff for background color of bottom sheet.
tipStyle no for change style of tip. it is dependted on isRoundBorderWithTipHeader.
headerStyle no for change style of header.
bodyStyle no for change style of body.



Imperative method on for snapping to snap point in given index. E.g.

// Snap to the snap point at index 0 (e.g. 450 in [450, 300, 0])
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Here this.refs.BottomSheet refers to the ref passed to the BottomSheet component.


More complex examples can be found in the Example folder. To view the examples in the Expo app, open a Terminal and run:

cd Example
expo start
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Discussion (4)

kennymanman profile image

Hey how do i onpress this?

saffellikhan profile image
Saif Ali Khan

if you want to open the modal just use the initial snap points.

For Example: snapPoints={[200, 100, 0]}

this.refs.BottomSheet.current.snapTo(200) // To Open Full Modal in onPress Function add value of 200;

this.refs.BottomSheet.current.snapTo(0) // To Close Modal change the value to 0;

Hope it helps :)

parazitenew profile image
parazitenew • Edited on

Hi, the ref method is not working.

this.sheetRef = React.createRef(); (inside props constructor)
ref={this.sheetRef} as prop of the BottomSheet component.

Then onPress button I call a function that do this:

returning error: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'snapPoint.tension')

Thread Thread
saffellikhan profile image
Saif Ali Khan

this.sheetRef.current.snapTo('50%'); //here you was wrong. please use array index number instead of '50%'.