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Who are you most grateful for this week?

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It can be easy to lose track of how much other people are a part of our happiness.

This week I'd like to ask: who did you most appreciate having around this week? A partner who's always there for you, a co-worker who makes you laugh, a mentor you trust?

If you think they need a bigger following, feel free to link/mention them in your reply!

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Molly Struve (she/her)

My coworkers Jdoss and Andy who are always there for me whether it is to celebrate a victory or to bitch about a bug I can't figure out.

The people you work with are everything and I believe are the most important aspect of a company when you are choosing a place to work.

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Nočnica Fee Author

For myself, I'm really grateful for the co-worker I can complain with. There are things that aren't perfect about our work situation, and while it's nothing with an easy solution, it's just nice to have someone who understands

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Luke Westby

My wonderful volunteer friends at 💛🌅🌎

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My roommate.
Fell sick so he's been picking up the slack.

Slack includes the 🐕