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Well I’m not very good at that. I am at my best when I am singularly focused, to the exclusion of everything else. That’s also when I most enjoy my work. We all want to be the best we can be, and for me, well, that’s how to get there.

Having said that, I also want to be the best husband I can be, and the best parent. I have some lingering aspirations of being an entrepreneur and I would want to do that well, but I may not. I think you have to keep a very short list, and not attach too much significance to everything not on the list. I have to accept that for everything else I will only ever be rubbish to merely adequate. Perhaps you are attached to a certain outcome in your other endeavors, and that is the source of your concern. So try this: whatever you are doing, imagine that your current skill level is as good as it will ever get. Can you still enjoy doing the thing anyway? You might find getting out of the way of yourself will open up some room for improvement.

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