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Discussion on: Self Taught Software Engineer in 3 months

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Noah Payne(he/him)

This is very inspirational to me, I am exploring JavaScript and Python for generative art and machine learning with AI. But I was wondering if you found any books or free websites you used to create your projects from? I’ve been studying like you as a freelance web developer for 2 months and reaching the end goal to get a job like you is what I want :)

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Mohammed Fellak Author

Yeah thanks for saying that.
I found best practical and great community so far for python and javascript, is CS50 courses of Harvard, just type in google CS50, CS50web, CS50AI
Practical, Deep Learning, Great supportive community.
and reach me for any advice related to this field.
Trust me, you can easily find jobs entry level, the main two keys is to have a good resume and presentation for your self with what you know and what you did.
And the number one key is to find a recruiter not a company, he will get paid to get you hired, and he knows the whole process.