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What Full-Stack dev skills are top employers looking for?

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Like most things, it depends. In the process of answering this question I focused on what hard skills companies like Spotify, JPMorgan, Barclays, IBM, McKinsey, Apple, Goldman Sachs, and some others are looking for, based on job postings on Linkedin. I also discussed with friends of mine working in product owner, and mid-level to senior software engineering roles at companies like DNB and Cisco.

The result? It depends, but core proficiency in front-end tools like React + JavaScript, and back-end tools like Java + Spring, pretty much cut across board.
I put together mock CVs to better answer the rest. The certificates listed in each are intended to act as rough curricula.

Full-Stack Web Developer x-
If you’re starting off with a CV like this one then startups without the overhead of legacy projects built in Java, using Spring, are much more likely to be looking for you. Plus this CV probably qualifies you to be among the top percentile of candidates, depending on how proficient you are in each skill, even with quite a few skills on there knocked off.

Full-Stack Web Developer x+
With a CV like this, enterprise like organisations hooked into the Microsoft tech ecosystem are more likely to be looking for you. Think of places like Just Eat, in roles such as security Engineer or Senior Application Security Engineer.

Full-Stack Web Developer x|
With this, especially with high proficiency in Java, Spring, Spring Boot, SQL noSQl, and event-driven / concurrent programming, teams in companies like IBM, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, AND Digital, working on products like internet banking services, Cisco OpenDNS, or Cisco Umbrella, are most likely to be looking for you.
Switch focus to big data processing, and add a high proficiency in skills like Python, Scala, Spark, Kubernetes, Kafka, Hadoop, and Akka, then companies like Spotify, and teams like Siri at Apple, are most likely to be looking for you.
I think it’s useful to note here that it’s unlikely companies are looking for all these skills in this CV all at once, and it’s really a matter of focus area and seniority.

Full-Stack Web Developer x*
This CV is very similar to X| with a lot of things stripped down, and no expertise in SQL, knowledge of event-driven / concurrent programming, but high expertise in Tensorflow and machine learning tools. Your guess is as good as mine in terms of companies and teams looking for this mix of skills. Sort of looks like a mid-level full-stack dev who has decided they want to transition to ML engineering.

To round up:
I believe companies love to have long lists of skills in job postings. In my experience, finding candidates who have all the skills listed is rare. So, to anyone who decides to use this as guidance, I’d really say choose well defined focus areas so you can cross off skills you don’t need, and avoid too many context switches if your aim is to be one of the best in your area of focus.

What do you guys think?

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