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How my path crossed React.

Nikhil Kumar
・1 min read

This is about my Coding journey, my life changing decision.

Not long ago decided to switch my career into software line, got my first internship for 5 months where I worked as an back-end engineer, At that time I was not aware of JavaScript let alone React. Then how I got into React and JS?

Well after internship I switched company and was trained on React Which was a black-box for me at that time(for some part it is still a black-box maybe because I am a bit ..hmm How should I put it well .I am bit stupid) After struggling through the tutorials I had a basic Idea and was quite confident until I met HTML,CSS. This little not so important part took me more time to understand it than React itself, understanding DOM tree was tricky, but I climbed it(saw what I did).

Let me talk about state management or data management if you may. so it is Same as back-end were we have one source of truth that is DB , here we have Redux AKA global store. Its jobs is to store data which can be accessible to any component.

Above all things are made on top of JavaScript which I learned in the process. Since then I just love it and want to learn more and more, Being said that see you until next time.

PS: This is very first blog and start of a beautiful journey. support will always be appreciated.

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