How many of these CS books do you read?

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This seems to be a very good CS book list. 👍
But I found some of them is hard to understand,
I'm a backend engineer with 6 years experiences. 😅
Do you think normal programmers need to learn knowledges about compiler?

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I started learning programming by collecting resources i.e. books, references, websites, etc. I had collected around 158 books 😆 and now I mostly need a reference to study.

Compiler is interesting to know imo. Having fun reading Interpreter in Go and Compiler in Go books.


I just have a look at these books.
Is there any benefits writing Compiler in Go,
I plan to have a study on open source project:
Seems the code is elegant.


Go is more modern and easy to understand. I think its better to code then to understand.


How many books you finished after collecting 158 books? 😄

Yes, it seems implementing some interpreters will help programmer understanding languages better.


Well, I had started C and C++ as my first languages so its documentation is not really not easy to find. I think around 20 or 25.

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