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Nitin Reddy

Developer with eager to learn new tech, mainly into JavaScript, Dart, and Python. Loves to create tools for devs.


CS Graduate


Senior Software Development Engineer at AppDirect

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How many email addresses do you use?

One and only oneπŸ˜€

What GIT GUI client do you use?

Usually, prefer the Git command line when I am working in Lin...

What podcasts do you listen to?

Syntax by Wes bos and Scott Tolenski. Also not to forget DEV ...

Once upon a time, installing Ubuntu + Windows dual boot on Legion Y530

Is it a Lenovo legion y530?

Developer with New Baby Coming Soon β€”Β HELP!

Congratulations for becoming a proud πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ Now coming back to...

An Introduction to Linux

Ubuntu, a first choice

An Introduction to Linux

In this age of buggy windows updates, devs should move to lin...

What TV shows are you in to these days?

Lately, I have been watching Silicon valley, a big fan of tec...

6️⃣ Six Reasons to Use Material-UI for React

Yep agreed. Material ui is the defacto UI system to be used ...

What language or tool are you curious about, but have not found the time to use or learn?

Flutter is something I look forward to.

When are you happiest as a coder?

When I feel that I have accomplished my goal for the day.

What are your favorite coding podcasts?

The complete developer podcast. It's all about developers and...

When things are back to normal, will you be working from home or in an office?

A mix of both work culture and slightly tilted towards WFH in...

Join Us in Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Pride!

I support the LGBTQ community

What is the best code editor?

VS Code for sure the all time best

I'm Learning Kotlin By Creating Apps - This is my journey so far. [Part 1]

Nice work. How about giving Flutter a try?

What are the hardest parts about working from home?

If you have a kid to take care of, then it becomes somehow ...

5 Places to host your website for free

Also Netlify and

Writing a Bash function to automate exercise setup

Interesting tool to get things automated for exercism

235 ideas of what to do while you are on quarantine

Cool. I like the list of activities. Nowadays fitness and c...

The Best JavaScript Podcasts 2020

I do follow all these podcasts on Google podcast. I must sa...

Web-scraping with NodeJS

Let me try this as well.

Are you coding more in your spare time due to COVIDβ€”19?


Idea: An app to troll people violating social distancing

This will be an interesting experiment. I have found few in...

What is your Monday morning routine?


What is your Monday morning routine?

Wake up at 4:30 am. Get ready for some work out and begin t...

react-ultimate-resume - πŸ’Ό 🎨 a modern software developer resume built with React and JSONResume

Forked it. Will build my resume with this. Thanks

More App Ideas to Practice Programming with JavaScript

One of the best ways to start off with JavaScript programmi...

Redux Hooks ! Opinions !?

I have used useSelector recently. In my opinion the new way...

Creating a CLI to Automate File Creation

This is super interesting to me. I will definitely try this o...

Which Operating System Are You Using?

At work Windows 10, Ubuntu as a hobbist. 🀟

Is it possible that the software industry could become nearly 100% remote?

Though it is not possible 100% but most firms would opt for...

I'm Celebrating 10k Followers Here on DEV! AMA!

I fully agree. I recently started writing on, which ...

Forget NodeJS! Build native TypeScript applications with Deno πŸ¦–

After reading this, I feel I should definitely give it a tr...

My VS Code Setup

One of the best extensions I have used is "Settings sync", ...

FreeCodeCamp: Walkthroughs & Solutions (31 videos) πŸ’ͺ>7hours of content πŸ€“

Nice work Eleftheria πŸ‘

Differences between "null" and "undefined" keywords?

Yeah, JavaScript is a weird programming language but a nice...

4 Go-To Apps For Revision and Exam Prep

I have used Quizlet and I must say that it's a really good ...

On Deno and the future of Node

Deno will be future after Node. Thanks for the article.

12 VSCode Shortcuts and Tactics to Ease Development

This really helps a lot and makes a Dev's life easy. Kudos ...

My full stack blog based portfolio site

Nice work buddy!

Github CLI - All in one tool


New Machine; New Browser

Must say that Firefox has improved alot lately and that's t...

Why health is important for developers!

Yep, nutrition and physical activity are key to long-term h...

Why health is important for developers!

Your article is a good one, a good explanation of dev healt...

Why health is important for developers!

Yep, for me, it's a lesson learned from past experiences.

Learn programming languages through problem-solving

You are most welcome Jorge :)

Every JS Developer Should Know

I missed that, I will update the article to make sure that ...