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March 3, 2021

nisnym profile image Nishant Kumar ・1 min read

Hello World!

What is happening to me?
A question which I'm always looking to find some answers. I know previous sentence isn't grammatical correct but makes sense to me, Bhawano ko samjho.

So as every other day I was planning to learn something and again I failed miserably. Learning is too damn tough. I have huge respect for the people who sits for a long and study with concentration. Like kaise kar lete ho bhai??

Ok enough trash talk, today I created a new droplet at DigitalOcean. With CentOs and hosted in Bangalore server. This time I was trying the centos web panel as the control panel of this droplet. So far it looks good as it also supports the php version selector. One thing I have to figure out is that How to add the domain so that it can be visible over the web. I tried putting the discuz files in htdocs which doesn't seems to work on the root server domain. Have to look for the public_html version. That is task for tomorrow. I want to upgrade discuz before end of this month. and adding a mobile theme.

I think it is enough for today.. I will update tomorrow. What are things I did.

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