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After I wrote my first C-program for templating files for both MacOS and Windows I waited for days for my "real programmer"-certificate in the mail. it never arrived.

So I don't know, really. I always say "programmer" when it comes up in conversation (in germany it's one of the first topics when meeting anyone new).

Does it matter?

It's not like it carries special privileges if true. Like "I'm a veteran" or "I'm a policeman".

("I'm a programmer" - "Oh, thank you for your service, here's a free coffee")

It's like someone wondering whether they are a "real plumber" or "real project-manager".

Come on, there's chiropractors calling themselves doctors ¯_(ツ)_/¯

As somebody trojan-horsing into the field as design-student-intern I think about this a lot. I still get fundamentals-panic every few months, where I realize how much I don't know. Some call it impostor-syndrome.

But those are the first steps to improvement. It started to get better when I first got a faint idea how a computer works from logic-gates to clicking the "X" on newsletter-overlays.

I have no point, just a few thoughts. Don't worry, be happy.

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