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Go is awesome! It was my first new language 2018. I made a game-prototype with it, and some smaller programs like a favicon-to-ascii-converter.

Also, end of last year I did a bit Elixir, and really liked what I saw! Did some advent-of-codes with it and went through Dave Thomas' course. Let's see if I'll have a use-case someday.

2019: Swift, Math/CS-Fundamentals, maybe Elm

This year started with Swift/Cocoa for me. I wanted to redo an Electron-App I made for image-perspective-correction natively. It took me much less time (as JS-dev) than the Electron-version and it's so much faster! It was fun to learn Swift and right now I'm going through a MacOS-Dev-course.

Additionally I really really need to work at least a bit on CS-fundamentals. There's a Math-for-Devs book I peaked into and I'm planning on working through it. I have an OK basic knowledge but I'm mostly self-taught.


Re. fundamentals, I'd recommend getting to know how the computer and operating system work from scratch. I've seen many newcomers who lack that knowledge hit a wall in terms of what problems they can solve and how much they can advance as developers. The work of Tanenbaum is a classic.


And thanks again, it's a very good book. I'm just at page 60 and already it helped connect lots of bits of knowledge I had previously to the bigger picture.

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