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Discussion on: The state of Linux as a daily use OS in 2021

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Nicolas Penot

Is it now possible to run Excel and Word on Linux? To me, it is the only red flag to install Linux.

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Deepu K Sasidharan Author

Not natively, but WPS office and LibreOffice work excellently even with Excel/Word formats. But I have been using only Word/PPT/Excel online and google Slides/Sheets/Docs in the past 5 years so I cant attest to the native experience. But the online versions are excellent for my use case, mostly presentations and word docs.

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Depending on your needs, a lot of people can replace Word/Excel with LibreOffice's alternatives.

If that just won't cut it for your needs, perhaps using the web-based version of Word/Excel might be a viable solution?

I doubt Microsoft will care about native Linux-compability for the Office-package.
VSCode on Linux was not that big of a surprise, but SQL Server was definitely a surprise to me, so who knows, perhaps they'll deliver Office using Snap-packages or similiar :)