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Discussion on: 10 things I've learned from working remotely

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Fabien Ninoles

I have built my company for two years now, working entirely remotely (with about 20 remote devs today, most of them in Montreal area, with an office to share if necessary, but most of them are still working from home most days of the week).

I agree with all your points and would like to add some myself, about communication.

Communication is way more important when working remotely. Some think it will be an isolating experience, but, by my own experience, I found it is very easy to keep the line open with today's tools. However, I had to relearn it quite a bit:

  1. You will be far more interrupt when working remotely instead of in an office. People will less hesitate to ask you a question or start a conversation because they will not know you were already engaged in other work or conversation. Which means:

  2. Your exchanges will be terser, especially with people that supervise many others or are central to your organization. You have to imagine them surrounded by people like in a press conference and trying to answer everyone questions. Don't try to second-guess the intent based on what's NOT written. Ask for clarification when it's unclear. And, remember, you'll be this person too, so:

  3. You really need to be more clear with your intentions. Even with emoji (or maybe even more?), intents doesn't travel that's well through chat and emails. Take the time to respond carefully, fully, and don't hesitate to request a video/audio call if necessary. Communication among people is still primarily an oral tradition, and body language is also an important part of it. And something I often forget:

  4. Don't hesitate to schedule a meeting, even for 15 minutes. Create a chat room for it, if necessary. In an office, this corresponds to take a room to talk without both disturbing other, or being disturbed. Be sure that your online status says "In a meeting" during this time. This way, your conversation will be more productive and you'll keep the noise level at a minimum for everyone.

Well, that's my tips. No as well broad as yours but I hope that could help some people to join in the remote wagon. My quality of life has greatly improved since I did, and I'm pretty sure it is a step in the right direction to reduce the impact urbanization and promotes our more rural regions.

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Guillaume Martigny

Hi Fabien,

Does GenVid's hiring ? Finding a cool game-oriented company which is ok with full-time remote work is a gem.

Don't want to sound cocky, but for a high-end streaming solution, your website could use some love.

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Lindsey Kopacz Author

I LOVE THESE Tips! I agree with all of them :). Thank you for sharing them!

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Philip Hallstrom

Regarding communication/intentions. Emoji, while not perfect, can go a long way towards helping clarify intent. Use them.

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Lindsey Kopacz Author

I use emojis all the time!! I think it helps that I am a fairly animated person, so it's in my nature :)