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Nimit Savant

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Pretty Overwhelming Development

My Experience

Hey, you'll this is my first post on I've been reading articles from here getting a lot of dev skills up. The community is very friendly and enthusiastic.

A lil about me

A sophomore at University, who loves to code with friends. I make cute discord bots, backend apps, API in NodeJs, etc.
I do things in python and js mostly and competitive in C++.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Well, I guess this is a phase every developer feels when he/she/they start coding and get introduces to the worlds of development. I'm having the same phase now, I've been overwhelmed by the evolving, techs (Flutter, React, GraphQL, etc). I always try to explore all of them and shift to languages and frameworks very quickly.

The Question

"What am I doing wrong?"

Discussion (2)

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Roy Larsen

Probably not the most helpful answer (or at least not what you're looking for), but don't try to do it all.

It's hard not to, but definitely try to keep to a couple things. Find a framework, library, or a tool you like for a language and stick with it. Especially as a student.

Definitely make time to explore new things, but it's absolutely impossible to stay on top of everything. The nice thing is the implementation details might change, but by and large core concepts are pretty transferrable.

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Nimit Savant Author

Thanks, this helps.