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I wish I could give more "loves" to this post.

Absolutely amazing and the title of your post is not even a click bait.

All these tips are in fact actionable and really to follow up.

I'll definitely keep looking for more of your content!


This comment absolutely made our day, thank you so much Danilo!

Amazing to think the entire piece was written in 30 minutes - the only way we could do that is because there's no intent to "bait" you or "sell" you here - it's just the hard, objective truths of what you can do to get ahead.

The other thing we found is that good freelancing resources are so hard to come by without having to pay for them, so we're glad this article really gave you some value.

Please let us know if there's anything else you're unsure about that we could write about. Have a great day!


This is other thing I forgot to add.

Simple content but directly to the point.

And it's disappointing to see that paid content sometimes struggles to delivery the same value.

I hope you have a great day as well

Appreciate the feedback. We like to keep it direct!

It is disappointing, but free content like this and thousands of other posts is filling the gaps! We just aim to be a quality part of that gap.

Thanks Danilo!

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