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Discussion on: The ultimate guide for junior frontend developers

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Nikolina Ljubičić Author

In my opinion for frontend development, Javascript is one of the three key elements when you are at the very beginning. The other two elements are HTML and CSS, but they have minimal impact on interactivity. The main role of JavaScript is to increase interactivity. For beginners, start with basic things, like events, objects, and functions. After that, you can try libraries and other frameworks. First of all, you can create one project in JavaScript and after that in other frameworks like React.js. For example, now I work in the Vue.js framework. If you start with React.js straight away you probably won't understand some things and you won't see how useful it is or if it really helps you. I think it's better to learn gradually and in detail.

Good luck and happy learning!

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Thanks alot for answer. I keep it in brain.