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Discussion on: Azure DevOps YAML build for Mono Repository with multiple projects

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Bojan Nikolić Author

This is a geeky solution :) Since I left the company, I can only tell you what I suggested to the Team - think very thoroughly what should be in one logical service and then put that in one repository.
Create CI/CD on top of it for each deployment unit (physical service), if you have more than one at all; make it simple, fast, have great unit tests.
If currently several services just handle some parts of the same domain, make 1 service out of them with modules (
In general - I went with monorepo due to the fact there was a small team handling a lot of services. Thing is that there was no need for so many services in the first place. I didn't tackle the entire problem, I swapped it for a smaller problem to enable Team to work faster, but that was not a complete solution.
TBH, I am thinking about deleting this article or at least putting a big warning sign on the start that this was an experiment that proved not to be a great solution :)

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