Discussion on: Describe the worst coding culture you've been a part of

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Nicolás M. Pardo

It was for my first Job, got a job as an intern for a small Advertising company, the front-end leader made himselft the inverview and I got contracted, I was pretty honest by the time I only knew HTML/CSS and the adobe suit, he said it was okay that I was going to learn more in the go.

One week in, everything okay, the front-end leader's wife gave birth and my boss went to paid vacations and would work from home afterwards.

I ended up having to do all of his work, which was way above my understanding at the momment, I had to take one current site and made it look as another (despite they were pretty similar) many dynamic stuff I was unable to comprehend and replicate, I struggled one weekend by myself trying to complete the website since it was supposed to go live on friday.

On monday one nice back-end guy helped me to finish the site, after I got my first payment I also got my dismiss since I was not technical proficient as they would have need.

So they needed an intern to replace a Sr that would go to have time off