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Discussion on: Angular Tutorial: Getting started with Angular 2+

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I think what you talk about in this article is Angular 2.
Please be aware that AngularJS and the modern Angular (also called Angular 2) are two different frameworks. There happened a lot of changes between AngularJS and Angular 2+. Especially in terms of syntax.

When using npm install -g @angular/cli you will install the Angular 2+ version of the CLI.

Don't feel offended, but the difference can save some headaches in finding information about Angular 😄

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Ryan Thelin Author

You're right, thanks for the heads up! I've corrected the article now, a silly mistake on my part 😅

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Pini Cheyni

I was thinking who in 2021 will still choose to post an article about AngularJS (I know there are legacy projects).
Anyway, it's AngularCLI.