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Discussion on: Why Tailwind Isn't for Me

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Agree as well... Semantic, component based CSS is where I fell in, and I never looked back. It worked so well for me, and I always have fun coding HTML and CSS, so tailwind is not necessary for me.

I do make utility classes though. Sometimes they make sense.

What I dont understand is when people claim you can do ONLY one, and must follow this religious approach to coding like your afterlife depends on it.

With time, if you put in the work and effort, you'll understand what works and what doesnt and continue to improve.

I think Tailwind has somehow managed to hit a workflow that many people like and prefer, so of course to them it feels like it must be the future... Especially if it feels like that missing puzzle piece that just made everything fun and happy for them! ... And they love it, then Im happy for them :)

But like with so many things in the coding world, I feel there are different, parallel approaches you can take with things.. and if you do them well, then they end up being amazing for your project.

I bet there are so many ways, one can make an unmaintainable mess using Tailwind. But the same goes for Semantic CSS, Sass and so on.

So in the end, it's just important to continue to learn, and to follow the path that makes you personally perform amazingly, as long as the approach has potential for amazingness of course :)