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Discussion on: 5 Reasons to Use Ubuntu Instead of Windows

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The point here is that Linux doesn't force you to use specific software on your system and is very modular, so you can replace EVERYTHING. From desktop environment, window manager, web browser, file manager, to init system, compiler, even the Linux kernel itself. Don't like GNU system utilities? You can install Busybox or Plan9. Are you one of the people who don't like systemd doing everything? Slap sysvinit or openrc on your system instead. Are you a desktop user who could do with some optimizations for gaming? You would probably want to install linux-zen instead of the standard linux kernel package. Really, really dislike proprietary software? Replace everything that isn't FSF-approved and all binary blobs in your system with the free as in free speech alternatives. What makes Linux so great and popular is not just a huge selection of software, it's also giving power to the user to do anything they want.

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As long as you know what you are doing 😅