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How should beginners learn C programming?

nikhitamantra profile image Nikhita ・1 min read

C is a procedural language where the instructions are executed step by step. It is portable and faster than most programming languages like Python, Java etc. C programming can be used to develop operating systems, databases, embedded systems, and so on.

Why should you learn C programming?

• C helps you understand the internal architecture of the computer.
• It helps you store and retrieve information from the computer.
• If you learn C, it would be easier for you to learn other programming languages too.
• It opens up a lot of job opportunities too.

Tips for beginners

• Start off by understanding the basics of each topic.
• Practice is key. To understand any topic perfectly you must start by practicing easy programs then gradually increase the difficulty level.
• There are a lot of online platforms with fun challenges that you can use to strengthen your programming skills.

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