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Why should you learn Python?

Python is a fantastic language to learn, whether it's your first or third language. Due to its very lenient grammar requirements and high degree of readability, Python is frequently suggested for beginning programmers. Despite this, Python is far from being a beginner's language and ranks among the top languages used by software engineers worldwide. In the Stack Overflow developer survey from 2022, 58% of those learning to code said they use Python.

A flexible general-purpose language is Python. Python has been enhanced to accommodate a wide range of use cases with numerous libraries like:

  • Pandas, for data science

  • Scikit Learn, for machine learning

  • SciPy, for scientific computing As well as web frameworks like:

  • Flask and Django, for web development

We'll go over our top recommendations for Educative's top online Python course in this article. These range from all-inclusive, entry-level classes to focused, intermediate classes that build on a previous foundation of Python fundamentals. Each course on this list consists entirely of text and includes recurrent interactive quizzes. Additionally, any code may be performed directly in your browser, eliminating the need for a third-party coding environment.

We are aware that the abundance of online coding classes and learning resources can quickly overwhelm one. If you're just browsing the Internet, it can be challenging to know where to start or how to keep up with programming trends. Depending on your unique goals, we will inform you exactly where to obtain dependable, tried-and-true learning resources.

Each course will be broken down into a brief summary, a list of essential ideas, requirements, who the course is for, and the primary learning objective or conclusion. After that, we've provided a summary of our thorough learning pathways, which combine material from numerous distinct courses.

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