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App for saving notes after calls

niketeo profile image Nick ・1 min read

Hi guys,
I always forget things to do after calls, so I was looking for a simple app without ads. And after couple of weeks I decided to write my own one. Tried to keep it as simple as possible. List of notes and tasks, archive, floating button to create notes after call, duration can be changed from settings. And of course no ads.
I released first version today, tested for some time, looks good. Please report here any bug or if you need any feature, please write here, I can add it.
I hope it will be also useful for you.


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mousahalaseh profile image

Hey nick, I just tried the app, it's simple and to the point.

Yet I would suggest that you show a toast after creating the note that indicates everything went okay, instead of just exiting the app, at first I thought the app was crashing.