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Thank you Tom for the info. It is quite insightful. Because I'd like also to sit for this exam, I'm having a couple of questions for you, if you like to answer it would be really helpful for me:

  1. To take this exam you must be an experienced AWS Data-related engineer? Or you could read, take training courses, study hard, do practice and then go for it? (I'm describing a courseware person here without actual hands-on AWS related stuff.)

  2. But do you have anything new since you wrote this article? I mean, are there any training materila I could lay hand on? What do you think about AWS Certified Big Data Specialty 2020 - In Depth & Hands On! course from Udemy? ( udemy.com/course/aws-big-data/ )

Thank you very much


Hi Nick, thanks for reading my article. Glad you found it helpful. In answer to your questions

1) I think if you study hard and complete the practise, you could pass. The practise is crucial. You need to get hands on with the services to ensure you pass

2) In relation to the materials, I think we will all have to wait a little longer. The AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty is being replaced in April 2020 with the AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty exam. I haven't not seen any materials from any of the normal vendors for the Data Analytics course yet.


If you have access to any of the vendors for free, run through the AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty courses. It will definitely help but it won't be enough for you to pass. Otherwise, concentrate on learning EMR, Redshift and AWS Glue and getting hands on with those. Do you have any other certifications that you are thinking of doing? It might be worth looking at one of Associate level exams before taking on the Speciality

If you have any more questions, just let me know



Thank you very much Tom for your reply

I'll begin from the bottom:

A - Yes, I'm thinking of getting also the AWS Certified Database - Specialty exam. It's brand new and it's also at the beginning of April.

B - Are there any Associate level exam related to data/data analysis?

C - What do you mean "if I have access for free"? Can i find any of the courses for free?

D - And finally, for practice I saw that Qwiklabs has (apart from GCS) AWS hand-on practice sessions. Is that true?

Thank you Tom


Hi Nick

B - there are no associate level exams related to data/data analysis but the Solutions Architect Associate exam would give you a very good understanding of AWS architectures underpinning Redshift, EMR and other Data services. You will learn about VPCs, IAM and S3 just to name a few

C - I was referring to any training resources your employer/university/other may have available. I am lucky in that my employer makes a number of training services available to us

D - I have never used Qwiklabs, only Pluralsight, LinuxAcademy, Cloudguru and AWS's own tutorials


Thank you again, Tom

Interesting. I'm going to take a look at Solutions Architect. In the end, all it matters is to grasp the notion of how all of these services are working alone and together to produce a result.

Thanx Tom


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