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Discussion on: Why I'm dropping WordPress for Strapi hopefully forever

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Nicolas Bailly • Edited

From a NodeJs dev, php speed is not comparable to NodeJs speed...

It doesn't seem completely insane to compare them. There is a lot of overlap between nodeJs and php (wether it's for building a website or a general purpose CLI tool, many of the things written with one could be written with the other).

The thing is, when you're building a website, the backend programming language is almost never the limiting factor. I suspect PHP8 and NodeJS 16 are roughly equivalent in terms of performance (ie: they're both more than fast enough for web usecases, and both a whole lot slower than Rust, Java, or Go), but the truth is I don't care, because the bottleneck is always on I/O operations : Database Queries, APIs, reading or writing files and so on...

I don't have experience with worpress but I suspect if it's slower than other solutions it's probably because of how it handles data in the database, and bot because it's written in PHP.