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Discussion on: Sessions or Cookies?

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Nicolas Bailly

Hi, thanks for the article !
I think a few things could be clarified though :

As @vishalraj82 pointed out, sessions actually use cookies, the way session works is that they generated a unique identifier, store some data with this identifier on the server, and then store the identifier in a session cookie. That way whenever the browser makes a request it will give back the cookie, and the server can now which session corresponds to this user. You explained the concept in the article, but without mentioning that the way the id is store is in a cookie, which I think is a really important thing to know.

Also it means that :

Sessions maintains your information until you are on the particular web page. Once you close it, the session is being destroyed.

This is true in most cases, but it's not necessarily the case : A session maintains your information until it expires on the server (which is usually a predefined number of minutes since the last request with this particular session) or until the cookie expires in the browser. You could store your session id in a permanent cookie and make it so it never expires on the server if you really wanted to.

And that

Whereas, you (the user) cannot disable or enable sessions whenever you want.

Is wrong : If you delete all your cookies this will disable the session. The data will still exist on the server, but since it has no way to link it to your browser it's become useless.

Antother point is that :

Since HTTP is a stateless protocol, it does not keep track about the past or future commands. So, sessions here, play an important role for the servers to maintain the session state.

I would argue that as soon as you use cookies HTTP can be considered stateful, since the information contained in the cookies is sent back with every request. Cookies allow you to make a stateful app just as much as sessions

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Vishal Raj

@nicolus Nice insights. @enakshi_pal Hope you find these useful.

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Enakshi Pal Author

Yes. Thank you all for simplifying it! :)

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Enakshi Pal Author

Hey! Thanks for the insights. Got more clarity on this. :)

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Yup, pretty nice corrections overall :)