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Discussion on: What is your approach for blogpost titles?

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Nicole Peery 🌵 • Edited

I struggle with making titles interesting enough to click on but not over the top or click-bait. I can write the most helpful article in the world, but if my title isn't compelling no one will ever see it. My rough process:

  • I keep a Trello board with questions people have asked so I can keep the words and phrases they use in mind and use them in the title.
  • I use a tool called Answer The Public for the same reason as above. What words and phrases do most people use when they search for my topic? I include those in the title.
  • When I'm really struggling, I have a swipe file of sample headlines that help get my brain going so I don't have to start from scratch every time. Examples:

The Quickest Way To [Blank]
[Blank] to get started with [blank]
[Blank] Questions Answered About [Blank]

  • I play around with the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer until it lights up green. Keeping in mind that it's just a tool and what it says is not the direction I have to go every time.
  • Sometimes I write the article without a title and the content of the article helps me come up with a title.
  • I almost never use the first title I come up with.
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Pedro Filho

Nice tools! Thanks!

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Those are fantastic tools! I use them too