How I Stay Focused and Productive While Working Remotely

Nicole Peery 🌵 on August 19, 2019

You’ve got work to do, but: The leftover pizza in the kitchen is seriously calling your name. Your favorite developer is live on Twitter. You jus... [Read Full]
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Before you start working, take out a piece of paper or open your favorite note taking program. Write down everything you’re thinking about until you feel like you’re out of things to say.

This seems great!


I agree, I started doing that a while ago too and it really helped. It's like my brain could let go of thoughts if they were written down.


Yes this one also caught my attention. I should definitely do this more often in the morning!


I don't work in company before, but now I have a suggestion to work with company remotely, do you think that this is a good way to start my first job?


In my personal opinion, I think you should start with the office work first. Check out my article about working from home. Although, since this is supposed to be your first job, maybe the article is not yet intended for you. Anyway, good luck on your next job.


My first few jobs were on-site, and I didn't work remotely until almost a decade into my career. I think it's important to learn how to work and communicate with other people before you work remotely. There will always be exceptions, but in general I say work on-site first.


I second the others: first job in office, learn the work "logic" and timings, stay close to professionals and learn. Then you can try to arrange yourself. The opposite is possible but requires a ton of self control and still you miss the business relations part.


Great suggestions.

Something I also do is recognize when I'm in the productive zone and I run with it until it ends. Which sadly is usually late at night until early morning, but that's fine for me when it's a weekend.


Great list - these are definitely real struggles when I work from home. Your tip about the "brain dump" on pencil and paper is one that I use a lot, and probably helps the most to keep me on track. Thanks!


Great article! My team and I use a to do list to help us keep track with our tasks. And we use a Pomodoro timer to track the time spent on each task. We've been using Asana and recently switched to Quire and still explore the tool.


What kind of projects are you working on?

Web? Desktop? Embedded? ERP systems? Industry (automotive, industrial, marketing, sports, non-profits, government, etc.)? Scale (how many developers on the same project and length (weeks/months/years))? Do you work directly with clients or through one or more intermediaries?


Just in time! I've just read an article about working with remote team

Just want to share with you :) Personally, I believe working remotely can benefit both employees and employers, however, you need to have some ground rules for the remote team, otherwise, it can easily backfire on you :)


Great Article! This is what I use for all my private and professional projects: super-productivity.com/


My job is going remote soon, so this was a fantastic and honest beginners guide on increasing productivity. It also applies to my in office and home productivity. Great read!

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