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Nicole Aldurien
Nicole Aldurien

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My Tech Bootcamp Experience: Week 2 - More Python!

Our second week introduced us to classes, objects, unit testing, and exception handling, which were all concepts I hadn't really come across in my pre-work.

The first day was an overview of what a class is, how to instantiate an object with a constructor, and how to customize a class with methods and properties. For our assignment, we created a grocery list app with multiple stores (each an instance of a "Store" class), and an item list within each store (instances of a separate "Item" class).

The next day was the only time in the entire bootcamp that we talked about unit testing and exception handling. The assignment was to add these features to the previous day's grocery list app. However, going forward, these were never talked about or demonstrated when writing example code, so I'm pretty sure most of us in the class tucked the information away in a dusty, cobwebbed corner of our brains. Now that I'm looking at job postings and learning from outside sources, this is again something I wish had been more incorporated into our learning. Hiring managers are definitely looking for people comfortable with test-driven development!

Day 3 started a multi-day assignment that seemed enormous to most of us at the time. Day 3 we learned how to read from/write to .txt files with Python, and on Day 4 we did the same with JSON. Our assignment was to recreate the functionality of an app our instructor had made while he was a CS student in college. Given a theoretical student union pool hall, we had to create an app that let an employee running the hall check tables in and out to players, calculate what they owed for their time played, and write to/read from a daily .txt or JSON file for persistence.

Looking back, this seems so basic, but for it only being week 2, it was quite an undertaking! I remember being so proud when I could functionalize chunks of code that I was repeating in places and lift that out to make things more readable. Most of the class spent 3 full days working on this. For those who finished on Thursday, some algorithms were posted to the class Github that they could tackle on Friday.

This week marked the end of our time with Python. It was gone in a flash! Because we only got to spend two weeks with it, I've made a point of using Python when doing algorithm practice, and one of my planned post-bootcamp projects is to tackle the Python web framework Django.

Week 3 in the cohort would be our only time spent on HTML and CSS. I had completed the W3Schools tutorials on HTML and CSS before ever applying for DC; would that be enough to keep my head above water?

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