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Discussion on: Continuous improvement and feedback loops

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Nico S___

This is a great primer on Feedback Loops, thanks for writing it.

I particularly like your last example, Velocity. I too agree that this might in fact be a type of "vanity metric". It is more useful, but somewhat harder, to evaluate the Value the team is adding. Rather than how many story points they ship per sprint (following your Scrum examples).

I've found that it helps if the team is well versed, and has great visibility, into the company strategy. How that strategy maps to the Product Roadmap, and how their day to day work adds value to the organization. All this of course is a Leader's job to enable and empower IMO

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Vlad Dubrovskis Author

Glad you enjoyed this as this is something I have had in my head for a while and finally managed to put in writing :)

Absolutely agree that it's leader's job to empower the teams and that having visibility of the company strategy can help a team make the right decisions, as we are helping solve business problems, even if it is with the help of technology