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re: Every browser, same scenario in fact. Something definitely is not working right.

Are you getting any specific error? It seems like a style problem or a WebGL problem, maybe you need to enable it but I don't think you need to. WebGL is developed by Mozilla itself so especially in Firefox it should works. I've checked and I have no issues with firefox.

Currently, only Edge and IE doesn't work properly because of some CSS flex properties I need to fix.

I'm working on Windows, did you use a different OS?

was on a mac.. just tried again on windows with brave, same result.

Saw a 404 on reload.js but no other errors

I can also see that all the assets are loading properly, they're just failing to display for whatever reason. /shrug/

That's pretty strange, I'll do a check later on my mac, maybe is only related to an AdBlock system which could block the resource loading, but I don't really know the cause of this issue, thanks for your time this could help me check the engine errors.

That would make sense on brave on the windows machine, and on my chrome instance on the mac, but I don't have any ad blocker installed on safari or firefox which also both failed on the mac.

Also of note -- the game is still playable, but obviously VERY impossible without being able to see the sprites :D

But shooting does yield a score increase

Yes because the logic and graphics are separated, anyway if you'd like to you can download the project and run with these commands:

# install dependencies
npm i
# run first build and keep watching for changes
npm run build-dev
# in another terminal window run
npm start

your application should run @ localhost:3000

Maybe this is an issue related with github websites, I don't really know this is a strange issue!

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