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Discussion on: 5 reasons for Linux

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Nicola Erario • Edited on

I’m not a fanboy.
I use daily a laptop with Linux (Arch BTW) and one with Windows 10. Sporadically I use my sister’s MacBook.
I love the Apple screens and looks;
I love Linux, it rocks! It’s my preferred s.o. I love that I can customize everything to my liking (and I hate it same time); I love shell, and packets manager. And more more other things.
BUT, my work station runs windows (with WSL2 BTW)! Why? Because I need to power on it and be productive; I need to attach my third monitor and it works at right resolution out of the box; I need to swap my cabled headphones with Bluetooth ones, the new one arrived today, and they connect and works out of the box. Sometimes I don’t have time to tune pulseaudio, blaming the hardware that isn’t “Linux friendly”.
I think there’s no perfect S.O. and maybe it’s better this way.

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Anja Author

That's true for everyone a different OS suits better cause the needs are different. It's great that we have the choice. 😊