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What’s the weather like where you live?

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Well the first snowfall has arrived in Montreal.

What’s the weather like where you live? Post some pictures! It’s always great to see pictures from different places around the world.

First snowfall

Update 2019-11-12:

Now it’s winter ❄️


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Saint-Petersburg, Ru
The wet snow or the snowy rain) That looks like rain and snow are going together. Not without surprises like rainy weather all day with temp +1 by celsius yesterday and on the next day the weather is snowy with temp -5. On the weekend, the weather again is rainy with temp +3, the weather a little bit crazy.
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Went to St Petersburg last year in end of January, one of my best memories so far, such a beauty in winter ❤️


Yes, sometimes, but after six years in Saint-Petersburg, in winter, I prefer to stay at home as well as possible. When there's a lot of snow everywhere, it looks so beautiful, but the weather is so cold. Of course, it's not for everyone, I had a roommate from Yakutia, and he thought the temp -20 is fine for everyday walks, but no me.

Up to -20C maybe -25C, it is tolerable to go outside in Montreal after that, not really. When it hits -40C, you can’t even cry because your tears are frozen. 😂


oh my ... I am in eastern Europe and today was the first cold day kinda.... not anymore !


After I saw your screenshots I don't think its cold :)) thanks :)


yeah compare to Montreal or San Petersburg, 7°C in Paris seems near hot :) but mostly boring (just grey and wet, no snow)


we are still drinking beers outside :)) I am happy ;)


This is Gebze. From Turkey


I took this photo. I live in here (Gebze)


Btw, it's really hard to copy uploaded photo url on mobile. When users coming from a mobile browser there should be an easy way to copy the markdown image URL.


That’s a beautiful photo. I’d love to visit Turkey one day.

In regards to the mobile photo upload, I’d suggest opening an issue to get a discussion going.


Tell me if you come to Turkey. My house is open to everyone 🙏🏻

I’ll open an issue.


it's super hot in mumbai

This is supposed to be Winter in India but mumbai usually has hot weather (Even in winter you can just go out wearing shorts and tee) so the minimum temperature I've seen here is around 17 degrees.


Thanks for sharing. I’ve been to India actually. I was in Pune, Mumbai and Goa. It was an amazing trip even if the majority of it was for work.


oh cool! I've been to goa as well, it was fun :D


It's east coast shoulder season: Not quite done with fall. Not quite ready for winter. So... Chilly, damp, grey and depressing.

Weather: Greenwood, NS


In Paris it's fall, its rainy, gray and progressively more cold (especially in the morning on the way to work). And it probably will be like that until the first snow, if, and that's a big IF, we have some this year


I'm in Austin, TX and it was sunny and around 82'F yesterday! Today is less ideal, but still pretty pleasant for November. Austin Weather


Ah yes, winter in Montreal....
winter in montreal

In Calgary, we have -7°C


Here in Minnesota it is chilly but only a few flurries so far

(temps in degrees Celsius to follow the trend -- though later this winter it might be cold enough for the unit not to matter ;) ) :

MN Weather


And here is the view up the driveway



It is supposed to be winter but it has been hot for past few days. A storm system called "Maha" is making landfall, as we speak, so it's humid with light rains. So I guess we have all the generic weathers up right now? 😅

Edit: Would post a pic, but it's night right now and not much lighting in the suburbs.


I live in Ireland. There's only one season here. It's Irish. I miss Montreal though. At least there's a real winter and you can just stay cozy at home :D


We quite a bit of snow today, I took a photo for you but now my phone is charging so... 🤷


So Toronto beat us with the snowfall eh? 😄


It's hot and humid in Wellington, we are right in the middle of spring


It is little warmer in my home than previous years but from last few days mild winter wind can be felt..


It is cooooooold in the midwest! It was in the mid-twenties (fahrenheit) this morning and should only get up to about 40 throughout the day.


These guys made a great video about the dutch weather! youtu.be/Ys-KP8oPdvg and thats exactrly what it’s like right now! :p


Same in Quebec City! I wasn't ready at all... No winter tires 😅