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What’s making you laugh these days?

nickytonline profile image Nick Taylor (he/him) ・1 min read

I watched the movie Hot Rod with Andy Samberg around the time it came out (2007), but it popped in the Netflix catalog yesterday. I gave it a watch again and I was dying. 😂

Here’s a preview

What’s been making you laugh recently?


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This morning, while speaking to a client on slack about the social login feature he requested, he asked, "why am I immediately signed in when I sign in?" I laughed so hard that my dogs ran to where I was and looked excited for some reason.


Yeah, I saw this making the rounds on Twitter this week. Great stuff 😂


I recently found this German guy doing a series of videos called "Monoton & Unfähig" ("Monotonous & Incompetent"), in which he plays and comments different videogames in a bland voice, being progressively more depressed about everything.

Aside from the fact that it's the first thing in a while that actually made me laugh instead of simply making me exhale sharply, he hides very valid criticism of game design decisions, balancing issues and gaming culture under the act. If you happen to speak German and have an interest in videogames I highly recommend taking a look.

  1. Some of my old code from 4 years ago. (like, what was I thinking? lol)
  2. Gilbert Gottfried.

Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin. 🙂


This Twitter reply by @tlakomy is killing me. 😂


I watched the Jeff Dunham Christmas Special last night. I'd forgotten how funny it was, and that a couple of my favorite bits were from it.


Finding and fixing a critical bug 5 minutes after deployment. No Deploy Friday, anyone? 😁


Panel Shows, such as Would I Lie to you and Mock The Week.


The UK election result.
But it's one of those slightly manic laughs that might lead to a breakdown and many tears...


A recent Tweet of mine is making me laugh