What's an awesome VS Code extension you recently installed?

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I just came across a simple yet awesome VS Code extension tonight care of Elijah Manor.

Basically it dims code that currently isn't selected. Here it is in action.

So what's an awesome VS Code extension you recently installed? 👨‍💻

P.S.: It's a bit out of date, but here's my VS Code setup for those interested.

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This plugin has been such a revelation for me! It always drove me nuts to have multiple projects open and accidentally be in the wrong one. Especially during the period when I was porting my site from one framework to another and had both projects open. Too similar! I accidentally wrote in the wrong project way too often.


That’s great to hear that you like it so much!



I use Indent Rainbow with custom settings which I found on a medium blog long ago.
These are the custom settings:
"indentRainbow.colors": [


Thanks! I saw that in a screenshot a few weeks ago & have been looking for it.


Actually the settings are a little bit out of order. Thanks for noticing. :). I'll update it.


🦄 Shades of Purple theme — I'm biased (I made it).


🎉 P.S. celebrating its crossing 1 Million devs.


God I love it so much! Sadly I prefer using Atom 😭


Help me build one for Atom, or I can send in a discount coupon for my VSCode.pro course and convert you to a VSCode user :)

I would be honored to help you convert it for Atom! 😃

Here's the link with VSCode theme and has all the colors in the README. Start there and let me know if you get stuck. github.com/ahmadawais/shades-of-pu...



  • Indexes your whole project, reading your .gitignore to determine which files to index.
  • Type long variable names in just a few keystrokes using the mnemonic completion engine.
  • Zero configuration. TabNine works out of the box.
  • Highly responsive: typically produces a list of suggestions in less than 10 milliseconds.



I am an Angular developer from China.

Here are the Angular extensions which I installed, all of them are awesome.

  • Angular Inline
  • Angular Language Service
  • Angular Snippets
  • Chrome Debugger
  • Editor Config
  • Material Icon Theme
  • npm
  • Peacock
  • Prettier
  • tslint
  • Winter is Coming theme

The Code Spell Checker is helpful for Chinese developer, it can check the source code.

The last one is GitLens, I think you will love it after you install it.


Nice theme; first I heard about out. Yes, GitLens is helpful, especially if more than you touch the code.


I love winter is coming theme and prettier.


WakaTime it's a recent and useful VS Code extension that I really enjoy. It tracks the time I spend coding every day and it really helps me see the progress that I make.


I've been very tempted to switch to VS code from Atom🤔.
Sorry, very random.


Like everyone else is saying, do it! I started with Atom, Switched to Sublime text, and finally landed on VS Code. The built in git integration, and the built in terminal are life savers.


The build in terminal brought me to VS code. There was an extension for that in atom, but it was so sluggish.


Unless there is a specific Atom plugin you need that is not available for VSCode. it is more than worth the effort.

Ecosystem is better, & since MicroSoft bought GitHub, I would not be surprised if Atom is back-burnered.


What I imagined Atom being as a text editor from Github is what made me stick to Atom for so long. Last year I realized that VS Code is the one realizing that vision. The ecosystem, the features, the DX (Developer Experience), and the performance are all what I imagined Atom eventually becoming but Visual Studio Code got there faster.


Do it! Vs code starts up a gazillion years faster than atom😂


Not my recent but I always add it to all IDE I use: Power Mode. It's nothing useful but a visual flair (will probably even lag your system if you enabled all) but it makes me feel like a rockstar (even though I'm actually not).


Read Time

It shows an estimate for how long it takes to read your Markdown.

Picture is taken from this tweet (I hope that's ok)


I started using GistPad. More below.

GistPad is a Visual Studio Code extension that allows you to develop GitHub Gists entirely from within the editor. You can open, create, delete and fork Gists, and then seamlessly begin editing files, as if they were local.



Great topic! 😎

Some nice hidden gems:

Extension Desc
JSON Tree View Handy way to navigate beefy JSON
Markdown Table Format Markdown table formater
Calculate Great for scratchpad / notes
Git Lens Super charged Git functionailty
Highlight Bad Chars Very helpful for pesky encoding issues
Sort Lines Sort lines of text
Unique Lines Keep unique lines of text; remove dupes
Time Converter Converts various timestamps
Base 64 Base64 encode/decode

This isn't really an extension, but I use it very often.
I was looking for something equivalent to Sublime's panel focus, and there's a key map option, but it's not set to any key by default:
View: Maximize Editor Group and Hide Side Bar (shift + alt + enter)
View: Reset Editor Group Sizes (ctrl + shift + alt + enter)

Maximized editor group


I was amazed by the VSCode Python Debugger, you can run Python scripts more easily with breakpoints, variable analysis and a huge control and great data visualization, it is just too good to be ignored.



Lets you control Spotify from within VS Code by adding controls and currently playing in the status bar.


Using Shades of Purple theme, with Material Icon, looks awesome! ESLint, Vetur and Angular Snippets for the programming part.


Didn't your theme hit like 1 million downloads or something with about 1/2 million installs? 💯👏

🎉🎉🎉 Yes. So happy about it. And my VSCode Power User course hit 5,000 devs. Both huge milestones for a full-time open source developer like me. :)


I use vscode-jest a lot these days so I can do some TDD and get the quick feedback I want. And if I want even faster feedback I use quokka since it lets me try out libraries quickly. TypeScript covers me with the documentation, but sometimes you just need to screw around (like when I'm trying out js-joda (which is awesome btw) )


WSL workspaceFolder - marketplace.visualstudio.com/items.... Maps your Windows Directory to a WSL mount pathname. Very useful for integrating with Linux tools with your Visual Studio tasks. For example, using rsync to do a delta file copy to Raspberry Pi for .NET Core projects.

"windows": {
"command": "cmd",
"type": "shell",
"args": [
"\"dotnet publish -r linux-arm -o bin/linux-arm/publish",
"\"rsync -rvuz ${command:extension.vscode-wsl-workspaceFolder}/bin/linux-arm/publish/ pi@${workspaceFolderBasename}\""


My current extensions according to "code --list-extensions":




Press ctrl + shift + u and write parts you know about the path and/or the name of the file you want to import, and relative-path resolves the path for you.


In my VS Code environment I have these extensions installed:

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2
Color Highlight
Lorem Ipsum
TODO Highlight
TODO Parser

For theme, I created one for myself merging features of Dark+, Neon Vommit (misspelled by developer), "Deepdark Material Theme | Full Dark Version" and some additions of my own that I call "Neon Vomit (Deep Dark)". I deploy it as a private extension to my various computers via a ZIP file.


Addons I really like:

  • Project Manager
  • Todo+ / Todo Highlight
  • Tralling spaces
  • Rainbow brackets

btw, that addon do you use for the colored line ?


which extension are you using to have those arrows in the editor?


Just add this to your VS Code settings:

"editor.renderWhitespace": "all",

Thanks, it worked! but it shows dots instead of arrows

I believe dots are for spaces and tabs are represented by arrows. But it also might be my theme choosing to style it that way.


Can anyone suggest extension for automatic fold folding, like npp? the existing folding doesn't work if you reopen the file


Maybe this tweet will help you out. Hopefully some Twitter peeps will come here an answer.


Git Graph, now I don't have to jump into git kracken when things get dicey



Thanks for sharing! Didn’t know about this one. I usually use glog in zsh, or fork for a GUI.


Better Comments is fantastic for making particular comments more apparent.

Also Bracket Pair Colorizer, couldn't live without it.


My favourite extensions:
Settings Sync
Code Runner
Bitbucket and Jira (Official)
Path Intellisense

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