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What's a great talk you watched or listened to recently?

nickytonline profile image Nick Taylor (he/him) Updated on ・1 min read

I came across a great talk by James Long tonight that he gave at dotJS 2019. I really enjoyed it and definitely recommend that you give it a watch.

This one happens to be software related, but what is a great talk (any topic) that you watched or listened to recently?


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"How To Manage Your Time & Get More Done" By Chris Do from The Futur. The exercise in the video it's amazing and it can be a great starting point in order to be more productive without sacrifice sleep time.


I see a lot of the links are from TED talks. Let me share with you the last TED talk I watched that impressed me


Can't link the video, but the page that is holding it: The birth and death of javascript

Great talk, with some great (technical) predictions


I sometimes listen to Ted talks on Spotify and I loved this one


I highly recommend it as you may be able to relate.


Learn what really matters for creating beautiful intelligible code.
By: Raymond Hettinger


Thanks for sharing! Just FYI, you can use the liquid embed {%youtube AdNJ3fydeao%}.


Thank you! I could not for the life of me figure that out.

I really enjoyed this talk from Rich. Svelte all the things! 😉


My all-time favorite, a talk that I go back to every once in a while -


Thanks for sharing. You definitely have to get out of your comfort zone to grow. For myself this worked to get where I want to be in my career. I touch on it in this post.


I'll go non tech. this is what I was watching on the treadmill yesterday. For whatever reason I retain/get more from a biography/fiction than from self help/ted.


One of the talk that I liked is this one to improve Presentation Skills.


Can architecture think? | Peter Stutchbury | TEDxSydney

It's cool to apply this talk outside of architecture. It's really applicable to all engineers and creative types.