What are your favourite Alfred workflows?

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Alfred is such a great tool if you use a Mac.

I mention some that I use here

I also have a few I wrote a while back for those interested.

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Hopefully useful workflows for Alfred



Hopefully useful workflows for Alfred.

  • Find My JSFiddles: type fiddlefind username_to_search optional_key_words
  • Copy SSH Public Key to Clipboard: type copyssh
  • Open Finder Microsoft Style: type Command + E
  • Download YouTube Video: type ydl youtube_url_to_download (assumes you have youtube-dl installed). Videos are downloaded to ~/Downloads/youtube
  • Table Rage: Inserts table rage ASCII art, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ into the frontmost application.
  • Debug Node in Chrome Launcher: type 'nd'


For those of you that use Alfred, what are some of your favourite Alfred workflows?



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I love Dash App with Alfred integration for looking up documentation fast like Sonic.

Toggle hidden files is a useful one.


Nice. I've used devdocs.io, but never really Dash. I'll check it out since it integrates with Alfred. Thanks for sharing!


Spotify Mini-player - Control spotify from Alfred
pwgen - Password generator
uuigden - Generator UUIDs when needed


Nice, thanks for the pointer to Spotify mini player.


I like the Alfred Spotify Mini Player a lot.

Another one I use frequently is Network Location, for switching between, well, network locations. I specifically set up different locations that only differ in DNS configuration, so it's easy to switch between Google, Cloudflare and my PiHole.

network locations in Alfred


Definitely Alfred Reminders to create and schedule reminders 👌


sh for sci-hub
cheat sheet

Trying to make the following work:

Alfred 4


Oh my poor English.

A Google Translate workflow is essential to me.


I didn't even know about alfred until now.
Been years since I've seen such tooling.


I use this IP Address workflow a lot. It shows your local and external IP.