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Sometimes it's just configuration

I was just talking to someone in my Virtual Coffee community and we were talking about webpack which made me think of this comment I posted a couple of years ago.

My win this week was hearing back from one of our clients, Lucasfilm Ltd.

Their technical team let us know that they were very happy with the improved frontend performance of Shotgun, the product I work on.

These improvements are related to a tonne of work I did to our webpack configuration/frontend build a couple of months ago (they just upgraded to the version with my improvements). 🥳

Maybe they’ll send me the Millennium Falcon I couldn’t afford as a kid.

Millenium Falcon

Or maybe a Wookie. I’d be happy with a Wookie. Chewie!


What are some tweaks to configs you've done that made a huge difference? It could be obvious things that were missing or something obscure.


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Andrew Baisden

Putting a dozen images through some compression program so that the file sizes decrease and page loading is faster.

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Nick Taylor Author

Processing data via an animated gif

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Andrew Baisden

Perfect recreation 😁