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Discussion on: How do you practice safe public wifi access?

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Nick Taylor

VPN. For work, we have one by default and if I'm at a café working on open source or anything else on my personal devices, I use a VPN as well. Currently I'm using NordVPN.

Having said that, 2019-10-21: NordVPN confirms it was hacked | TechCrunch, so I may need to look for a new VPN. 🤔 Suggestions welcome

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Thomas Bnt • Edited on

Hello ! I already tested Mullvad VPN and i like it! It's 5$ per month.

Very easy to use.

You can pay with Paypal, credit card, Bitcoin and more !

Mullvad Payment process

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Glenn Carremans

I currently use PIA (Private Internet Access) but once my subscription is expired I will probably switch to Cloudflare Warp, unfortunately it seems that they only support mobile.

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Bradley D. Thornton • Edited on

Sure, happy to help :)

First, this article will have you up in less time than it takes to read the docs from a commercial solution.

Second, you can do it for less than five bucks per month on a fast, private machine of your own that is on no ones radar:

This next article, recently updated, has been around a while, and points out added advantages and possibilities such as also having the convenience of your apps running via X on your remote, fast, and secure sever:

I hope that helps

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Phil Ashby

Possibly not your thing, however I run my own VPN server in Azure using tinc and/or plain ssh tunnelling (SOCKS) on a small Debian VM.

I also ensure my browser forwards DNS lookups over SOCKS if I'm using that protocol, and my VM relies on Azure DNS - I could run my own dnsmasq based full DNS but meh.. at least it's out of the grasp of the local hotel / Cafe full of sniffers, etc.